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Turtle Documentation

Welcome to Turtle!

This crate will allow you to draw animated pictures with the Rust programming language.

This documentation is still being written. Many of the navigation links on the left will not work or may break in the future.

In the meantime, the following resources should help you learn what you need:

  • The Rust Programming Language Book - If you are new to the Rust programming language
  • Turtle Examples - Creative examples of how to use the crate for drawing things from basic shapes to colorful masterpieces, and even the logo of the Rust programming language!
    • How you can help: Create and contribute examples! Open a PR on the Turtle GitHub repository so we can add your example to the repository!
  • The Turtle API Documentation - The drawing functions and most of the rest of the crate is well documented
    • How you can help: Add examples and better descriptions to anything you think could use some more documentation

To start using Turtle, follow the instructions in the Getting Started section.